About us

Developing and nurturing brands is our passion and our practice.

Who we are?

Entropy is powered by a team that has extensive experience in helping brands emerge, develop and expand.

What is a brand? This question does not have any one simple answer. We resist trying to answer it in a quick and simple way either. Brands identify differently with different people. But to designers and entrepreneurs every brand represents opportunities — both creative and business.

For us brands are units of the market economy that allow entrepreneurs to introduce their products, thereby offering variety and choice to the consumers. We craft such brands and help them get launched and reach their potential.

Business offerings operate in well-defined segments. These segments represent people and are dynamic (they constantly change). They are not obvious and are an intrinsic part of the business impulse. The modelling and targeting of demographic segments is the core of any business.

Entropy Designs helps you generate ideas that can carve out their own niche in the global market. Ways of punctuating the global market with new sustainable possibilities is a challenge we consider worth perusing.

From graphic identities to packaging and websites and promotional campaign management — we can offer you an entire bouquet of services!

We have experience of working with small and big clients. We offer a range of formats and structures that work for different companies. Companies that are just starting out as well as companies that are established and have been operational for many years.

For us; business and creativity do not sit in two separate boxes. Both are intensely inter-connected phenomenon for us — such that one cannot exist without the other.

Ashish Swarnkar

CEO & Founder

  • Result-oriented professional with over 16 years of experience in Strategic Marketing, Brand Building & Management, Creative Development, Media Planning,   Budgeting & Cost Control and People Management   
  • Directing productive cross-functional teams using interactive and motivational leadership that spurs people to willingly give excellent results 
  • Expertise in monitoring and maintaining brand share across geographies through detailed designed customer research and response   mechanism on regular basis
  • Acknowledged for re-define, strategize, develop, execute & manage the re-launch of the   brand
  • Skilled in collating information on product performance, market presence and brand position vis-à-vis competition in liaison with market research & consulting agencies
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